Get Your Own Personal Space with Man Caves and She Sheds

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Man caves and she sheds have grown in popularity as the need for personal space has become more important to homeowners. Most of us enjoy having a space in our home that is uniquely ours. Men and women have different tastes when it comes to man caves and she sheds, and the following are some of the top trends.

Get Your Own Personal Space with Man Caves and She Sheds

Man Caves

When you think of a man cave, a big screen television and loud speakers often come to mind. But in truth, a man cave can be whatever you want it to be. Trends have begun to show more minimalistic features. Simple furnishings and wall décor, basic colors like black, white and gray, and a sectional couch add just the right touch. An entertainment center with clean lines and lots of storage space to house gaming systems and a large flat screen TV is still a staple for any man cave, but lots of storage space for collectables helps keep things tidy.

Another top trend in man caves is the addition of a mini bar. Whether you want to enjoy your space all by yourself or have a few friends over, a mini bar, microwave and refrigerator are sure to provide everything you need to satisfy your appetite. Whatever features you choose, the ideal man cave should showcase the hobbies of its owner while providing a comfortable and attractive space to get away from it all.

She Sheds

Like most men, women often feel that a big flat screen television and a great sound system are necessary components for the perfect she shed. Mini refrigerators are also high on the list. The ideal she shed for a woman often includes a space for reading, crafts, painting or gardening, but the most important purpose of a she shed is simply creating the perfect place for alone time. The whole point of a she shed is to make a place that is all your own in order to do your favorite activities without being disturbed.

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