Four Signs You Should Call Us for Deck Repair

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You love spending time out on your deck – it’s a great place to relax, entertain, and spend time with your family. But you’re going to be less likely to spend time on your deck if it needs repairs. Here are some of the top reasons to call us at Artisan Building & Design for deck repair.

Four Signs You Should Call Us for Deck Repair

1. Splintering/cracked boards—As your deck ages, splintering and cracked boards will likely start to become more frequent. Call us for deck repair, and we can replace these splintering and cracked boards to ensure the smoothness of your deck’s surface.

2. Loose railings—If your deck has loose railings, this is a safety hazard that should be taken care of sooner rather than later. We can come and fix these loose railings and make sure all of your deck’s supports are in good condition.

3. Erosion around footings—If your deck has wooden footings, they are susceptible to erosion over time. Check your footings regularly to make sure they have not started to destabilize. If you notice that erosion has started to occur, we can fix this problem during your deck repair appointment.

4. Rotting posts and beams—If not taken care of, wood rot can lead to structural problems with your deck that can even lead to it collapsing. If your deck’s footings go directly onto the ground, they may be more likely to rot due to direct contact with water from the soil and rain. We can take care of any rotting posts and beams in your deck to make sure it is safe to use.