Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes

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If you have owned your home for many years or have just recently purchased an older home, you may be considering a basement remodeling project. Historically, basements have been used as an area for additional storage or extra bedrooms, but in recent years, the basement has become the ideal area for entertaining. When considering your options for your basement remodel, it is important to evaluate carefully in order to make the best use of the space and also ensure that your family and guests will want to spend time there. There are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to basement remodeling.

Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes

  • Too Many Rooms. Keep the floor plan as open as you can rather than building a number of smaller rooms. If your children have grown up and moved out, now is your time to create the space you have always wanted. Even if you choose to keep a bedroom or a storage room, carefully plan out the remaining footage to keep the area as spacious as possible.
  • Ignoring an Existing Moisture or Ventilation Problem. Basement remodeling is exciting, and although you are anxious to get started, don’t ignore any moisture or ventilation problems you have experienced in the past. If the basement does not currently have sufficient waterproofing or an HVAC system, now is the time to do the necessary upgrades. Also be sure to check for radon.
  • Updated Lighting. Many older homes have small windows and insufficient lighting. Whether you choose to have new windows cut or not, be sure to plan for updated lighting so your space has the light it needs for the activities you want to do.
  • Permits. Building codes have changed over the years, and you will want to be sure that your basement remodeling project is compliant with fire and safety regulations.

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